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What services does Comfort Care provide?
Our goal is to help you remain independent in your home and avoid you having to leave your home to go to a nursing facility just because you are unable to take care of yourself at home. We help with your personal care needs (bathing, cooking and preparing meals, grooming and dressing, toileting, etc) and also help with cleaning, laundry, shopping and errands.

Why should I choose Comfort Care?
We take pride in making sure that our clients are given the best service. Our staff is friendly and we truly care about each one of our clients.

How much does Comfort Care charge for services?
We have an hourly rate for all the services we provide. Please call to inquire on current rates.

Who sets the hours?
You do! Let us know what hours and days that you would like and we will find a caregiver to meet your needs.

Iím not sure how many hours and days that I need, how do I decide?
Just give us a call and we will gladly meet with you to assess your situation and give you our honest opinion. Most of our clients only receive 2 hours just a few days per week. Other clients receive 24 hour per day care. We suggest to start with just a few and then add hours as you need more.

Does Comfort Care provide transportation for medical appointments, errands, etc?
We provide transportation services to our private pay clients. Our caregivers can drive you in your personal vehicle or use their own. If the caregiver uses their own vehicle, then a mileage surcharge would apply.

Transportation services are also available to our Consumer Directed Services clients, a Home and Community Based program available through the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.

How long does it take to begin services?
Usually within a few weeks. We first assess your situation and then find a caregiver that we think will work well with you. We also provide training to all of our caregivers before they come into your home.

Does Comfort Care run background checks on their caregivers?
Yes! Caregiver backgrounds are ran against the Family Care Safety Registry, which checks several background sources. We also make sure that none of our caregivers are listed on the Employee Disqualification List through the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.

I have long term care insurance, how does that work?
Each long term care policy is different as there are several companies that offer long term care insurance. You will need to contact your insurance company to find out about your benefits and how to get your benefits started. We have a list of questions that is available to you. Just give us a call and we will gladly mail you one. This list helps you ask the right questions and get the answers that you need.

Does Medicare pay for my services through Comfort Care?
The services we provide are not covered by Medicare.

I am a veteran, what services can I receive?
You may qualify for the aid and attendance benefit if you served during a war. This program is offered through the Department of Veterans Affairs and you must meet their qualifications. Call us and we can give you the phone number to contact someone. There are also other veteran programs available, just ask your VA doctor.

Want More Information?

Feel free to contact us for more information or a no-obligation personal consultation.


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